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  • About

    Barriobajero is an experimental creative consultancy established in early 2010 by Silvia Bianchi & Ricardo Juárez. We’re dedicated to curating, direction, design, events and consulting services to bring all manner of projects to life.

  • Current

    We are currently based in Stockholm, working as resident curators at Revenue S:T 79. Other ongoing projects include the clothing brand Shallowww or the self publishing event series Stacks.

  • Services

    Art Direction
    Graphic Design
    Event management

  • Curating

    Stacks Act 1, Revenue Sankt Eriksgatan 79, Stockholm, 2012

    S:T, Revenue Sankt Eriksgatan 79, Stockholm, 2012

    Libros Mutantes Self-Publishing Fair, La Casa Encendida, Madrid, 2012

    BYOB STHLM, Underbron, Stockholm, 2012

    Libros Mutantes Self-Publishing Fair, La Casa Encendida, Madrid, 2011

    Oggetto Soggetto, CA2M Contemporary Art Center, Móstoles, 2011

    Info-Bomb, Alliance Française, Monterrey, 2011.

    BYOB MAD, Matadero, Madrid, 2011.

    Barriobajero liked this, Disismaineim, Madrid, 2010.

  • Exhibitions

    Streetshow 2.0. Group exhibition, Pacific Design Center, LA, Upcoming 2013

    Sun-Dye, Solo exhibition, Yoga Center, Gothenburg, 2012

    Gradients: Inside the Internet Rainbow, Mastermind Gallery, Casablanca, 2012

    USB Show. Group exhibition, Point Ephémère, Paris, 2012

    One Minute Suite. Group exhibition, Centro Luigi Pecci, Prato, 2011

    Arte para llevar. Group exhibition, Festival Nrmal, Monterrey, 2011

    De Zines. Group exhibition at Espacio para el Arte, Zaragoza, 2011

    DFest 11, Workshop at Matadero, Madrid, 2011

    Even my mum can make a book. Group exhibition at Apt. Project, Istanbul, 2011

    Teen Chat Room. Performance, Fast Gallery 6, Just Mad 11, Madrid, 2011

    I’ve zine the Darkness. Group exhibition at Dieschönestadt Gallery, Halle, 2011

    Las Letras del Barrio. Group exhibition, Gráficas Almeida, Madrid, 2010

  • Publications

    Library Paper issue #02, Leeds, 2012

    O Fluxo issue #01, Lisbon, 2012

    Fuego Fanzine #3, Barcelona, 2012

    Quattro Formaggi, Germany, 2012